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Custom Software Services

Custom software development

Custom software development is the process of creating, maintaining and deploying the software for a set of users or an organization. It is more flexible, secured and compatible than other generic software. Biztran Solutions understand & appreciate that each business has its unique and specific requirements which either require some parts of the Application to be modified or certain extensions built over the application which would provide the required functionality.

benifits of a custom software

  • Independent Technology

      We understand that each business has its specific requirements which either require some parts of the Application to be                    modified  or certain extensions builtover the application which would provide the required functionality.

  • Tailor-Made 

      We provides personalized approaches to build the applications as per requirements that takes detailed planning of the project            implementation stages as well as a thorough discussion of certain requirements with a Customer.

  • Competitive Advantages

      The business will change over time along with the market and as per your need. We adopt changes and trends in business, so          you can maintain a competitive edge relative to your competitors.

  • Full Flexibility

      It refers to the ability of the solution to adapt future changes as per requirements. We build a solution for you to try to cater to            these changes
      which inevitably arrive in the future.

We reduce the overhead commonly associated with offshore outsourcing of custom business application development by providing:

  • Efficiency

       Our custom software development services and production processes allows a shortened time-to-market delivery at a benefit to our customers          by reducing total cost.

  • Process visibility

       By outsourcing your software and application development processes with Biztran; we maintain a transparent and controllable visibility at all             phases of the project.

  • Predictability 

       Our customers come out on top! Biztran’s production services combined with a commitment to a fixed-price quote and production estimation             ensures total quality with added value in our custom software solutions.


  • Effective communication 

       We ensure that during each stage of the project, all stakeholders share a consistent and open dialog maintaining a level of understanding of             the requirements and project status.

Why Were The Best Choice For This Job

We have built, delivered and continue to support complete add on modules and web applications which are bolted on to the existing applications working seamlessly as one integrated solution. This way leveraging the benefits of the packaged solutions and providing the revised functionality to the customers, who find it very easy to manage the complete set as a single solution.

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