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Mobile applications are designed to run on a mobile device such as a phone, tablet which is originally intended for productivity assistance such as email, contact databases, mobile games, factory automation, and location-based services, order-tracking.Mobile applications often stand in contrast to desktop applications which are designed to run on desktop computers, and web applications that run in mobile web browsers rather than directly on the mobile device.

Custom Mobile Application For Android And iOS

The mobile application is one of the core strengths of Biztran Solutions. We develop mobile apps for different kind of platforms, screen resolutions and form factors (Phone, Tablets). We provide the mobile interface to Line of Business Solutions, which makes field force and senior management to be in touch with all the time. Our developers and consultants provide full-cycle

Services from requirements gathering to application development and support.

  • We work with you on planning and strategy according to your requirement

       and need

  • We have hands-on experience with custom mobile applications.

  • We design, build and deploy mobile app so you can use to mobilize and

       streamline your inward-facing systems.

  • We maintain the maximum availability of our support staff to provide quick

      resolution for any related issue.

We build mobile applications for you to achieve your business goals.


  • Process Automation Solutions

       We create Solutions that automate your businesses processes so you can
       focus on your business values instead of consuming time and money on
       labor-intensive systems and administration.

  • One-of-a-Kind Apps

       We develop custom apps, It focuses on the requirement and expectations of
       targeted users and streamlines the features and functions accordingly based
       on the business’s unique requirement. 


  • Ecommerce App

      Ecommerce application helps to boost customer loyalty. We create
      eCommerce apps that helps eCommerce companies to provide secure and
      efficient user experiences, manage inventory and payments, and increase
      businesses growth 

  • Chatbots & AI

      Businesses are finally starting to get value out of using chatbots. We Provide
      Chatbots functionality for our customers by integrating through various social
      media such as Whatsapp and Google.

  • Internal Corporate Solutions

      Internal business apps help companies from streamlining communication to
      boosting worker morale and productivity with incentives. Our corporate
      customers love the mobile solutions we've built to increase efficiency and
      accountability in their organizations.

  • GPS and Navigation Apps 

      We Provide location based services such as Mobile Phone tracker that can
      offer you real-time locational updates. It is used for parental control, to keep
      track of the field activities of employees etc.
      Whatever you want to build, With the power of mobile software technologies
      our engineers will help to transform your business, making it the utmost

  • Why We're The Best Choice For This Job

       We’ve developed over 500 Mobile Apps and have significant experience in
       building, designing and deploying Mobile apps for various Industries.
       We have deployed many Mobile apps that helped our clients to achieve better
       business growth and profits. We have our own Testing team who ensure the
       accuracy, functionality and provide further maintenance and support.

Biztran Solutions provides mobile app development

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