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Biztran solution is a leading ERP software company in India and has the technological and functional expertise for implementing Custom ERP software applications, ERP software solutions, open source ERP software and software development that addresses all critical requirements of large businesses.



     1.Process Automation

  • ERP systems are a core part of any strategy that aims for process automation. ERP software automates traditional business functions and record-keeping activities that reduce cost expenditures and increased productivity.

     2.All Data stored in centralized Location

  • ERP system manages all these departments by centralizing their data. The process of centralized data is interlinked with other operations. By centralizing the data we can eliminate data duplication.

     3.Comprehensive Reporting

  • With ERP development services, every user of the system can generate customizable reports with ease. So, you can access and analyze data faster than ever to make important business decisions more quickly.

     4.Customer Service

  •  An ERP system increases the overall quality of customer service with easy access to customer information and improves productivity.  It            enables better distribution of information across teams within the organization.


     5.Data Security

  • ERP provides enhanced data security. Through ERP we can foresee the security issues, effective recovery plan, reduce internal human Errors, avoid the loss of data control and handle any incidents swiftly.

     6.Compliance Regulation

  •  ERP enables transparency and visibility for business processes.ERP helps to keep track of the material flow from the production of products to the final delivery to the customers.

      What you get:

  • Requirement Definition – ERP Solution Software

      Even if at the project's inception the customer has only a layman's vision of the future software solution, Biztran Solutions can ensure success.

      We communicate the details of all requirements and specify them in well-structured documentation. Our knowledge of the business domain and        quality analytical work ensures that you get exactly what you need at the end of the project

  • ERP Software Solutions Design and Development

      We are expertise in ERP Software Solutions and custom business applications that create secure and flawless results. Our experience comes          from a multitude of collaborated projects with a variety of companies.

     Depending on the customer's business environment and their requirements, we can build a custom web based ERP solution using open-source       ERP software or commercial application servers and components

  • Support and Maintenance

      Our Support and Maintenance Service ensures that the developed software is accessible 24/7 and that you get an immediate response to your        needs from the solution developer whenever necessary.

  •  Why We're The Best Choice For This Job

      We give lot of emphasis on analysis of your business processes, and offer in-house technical support and training during and after deployment .     We provide customized ERP solution by using state of art tools. With over 20+ years of experience, Our functional ERP Solution team has got          in depth functional knowledge in following enterprise solution across different industry domains:

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

  • Supply Chain Management (SCM)

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Sales and Distribution (SD)

  • Financial Accounting Software (FA)

     Contact us to discuss your business needs with our professional custom software                      development team

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