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Discover New Possibilities with bespoke software's

Bespoke CRM, ERP & Process Automation Software Solutions by Biztran Solutions

A mobile showing analytics on it's screen
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A mobile showing Analytics on it's screen
The App

Unlimited users

We provide unlimited users with no hidden charges.

Mobile app

We design the application considering the users work nature, data security etc. Hence depending on the need we provide Web or Desktop or Mobile interface. 

Productivity Dashboard

Review and analyse your performance with the help of smart Dashboards

Easy to use

Since the application is made as per your requirements UI and UX would be simple and the need for user training would be minimum.

Workflow Automation

Get your workflow automated with our customized software solutions


Our application can easily integrate with existing systems, improving overall system performance and efficiency.


How you benefit ?

Tailor made for your business

We develop Bespoke software as per your requirements, also we bring the best practices in the industry this approach can transform your business.

Unlike off-the-shelf software that is designed for general use, custom applications are designed to address the specific needs of an organization, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity. Custom applications can also provide a competitive advantage by offering unique functionality, improved data management, and a better user experience. They can also easily integrate with existing systems, making them a valuable tool for businesses looking to streamline their operations.

Excellent Customer

We understand that our custom software solutions play a critical role in helping our clients achieve their business goals. That's why we are dedicated to providing exceptional customer support and ensuring our clients receive the assistance they need to get the most out of their software.

We are committed to ensuring our clients are fully satisfied with our software and our customer support. 

Airtight security

We make sure our custom software touches all the security parameters and keeps the data and application safe from external attacks.

Customized mobile and web based apps


We turn your vision into reality. With our vast experience in mobile app development we have helped many companies shape their growth and give an edge over others.

A mobile showing analytics on it's screen

Web Based

With 20+ years of experience in building bespoke CRM & ERP applications, we are a leading customized software development company in the market

Web Based technology
About Us

Why are we the Best Choice  ?

Led by the motto to transform business

  • 20+ years of experience in developing custom & implementing CRM.

  • Our team has got in depth functional knowledge in CRM,  ERP and Process Automation Software Solution across different industry domains.

  • We give emphasis on analysis of your business processes, and offer in-house technical support and training during and after deployment .

  • We provide customized solution by using state of art tools.

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Get real-time reports and insights

Sales analysis.
This report can show you where prospects are currently sitting within the pipeline, as well as provide insights into where leads are being lost or won.

Conversion reports.
Managers can use these reports to assess how well individual reps are moving prospects through the pipeline. They can also be used to view general conversion rates across your sales team.

Forecast sales
Your sales CRM can predict expected revenues by analyzing the value, estimated close date, and win the likelihood of sales in your pipeline.

Activity overview reports
You can view a breakdown of the activities being performed by your sales reps, including number of calls made, emails sent, appointments held, tasks completed, and more.

Goal reports
Use these to track your team’s progress toward revenue goals.

Activity Overview Reports
Sales Analysis


About Us


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